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Q: Why do you use ESPN and not CBS, Yahoo, Fleaflicker, etc.

A: FantasyPro actually started on the MFL platform but was migrated to ESPN in 2015.  ESPN was selected for its combination of reliability, price and customization.

Q: Why doesn’t FPF allow trades?

A: Trades are typically the most controversial aspect of fantasy sports.  For many high stakes leagues, trades have been removed altogether and FantasyPro has decided to follow suit.

Q: Why do you use Head to Head format? Isn’t that based on luck and matchups?

A: H2H is simply the most exciting fantasy football format because it keeps owners active and engaged each week.  Fantasy football is in essence a game of matchups no matter what the scoring format.  FPF counters the luck aspect though by awarding prizes for both weekly and season-long scoring titles so in essence it is impossible for the “best team” to not be awarded a prize.

Q: Why do you use the LeagueSafe escrow service? I hate the extra money they charge to use my credit card.

A: LeagueSafe saves me from having to handle cash, checks and paypal payments.  In past seasons the process of handling this money, holding it in escrow and issuing prizes was extremely time consuming.  For less than $4/owner what was previously a burden to the commish is now a shared financial burden for the league.

LeagueSafe also allows me to pay out owners faster.  In fact on average owners are paid out 3 weeks faster using the LeagueSafe.com system.


Q: Why don’t you allow $0 FAAB bids for players?

A: Allowing $0 bids removes the budgeting process from FAAB which FPF believes is contrary to the spirit of FAAB.

Q: Why do you force owners to pre-buy transactions? Can I be refunded for those?

A: Prebuying transactions effectively forces owners to make necessary changes to their team.  With a relatively small roster size you should be making at least 10 transactions per season.  Prize payouts take the transactions deposit into account so no refunds will be given.


Q: What is the draft order for this year? Can I find out my order early so I can do lots of mocks?

A:  Draft order will be determined randomly 1 hour prior to draft as per ESPN settings. No owners will have the advantage of doing mocks at their actual draft position.

Q: I can’t make it to the draft site and will need to do my draft remotely. Am I at a disadvantage?

A: Perhaps.  For remote drafters please understand that as commissioner I will not stop the draft for an offsite drafter that is having internet or browser issues. In addition, owners who choose to draft onsite will be awarded with 5 additional free transactions (a $10 value)